SWAN (Subnero Water Assessment Network)

Water is crucial for the sustenance of life. It is an essential component of all our food sources and our ecosystems.

Additionally, information regarding our water bodies is used for a multitude of purposes, including the planning and management of drinking water sources, industrial water sources and recreational waters. Changes in the characteristics of natural water bodies are often an early indicator of the effects of climate change.

Prompt or real-time access to the water and water quality data, is key to making informed management decisions having a direct impact on our lives, our resources, and the economy.

The SWAN is a scalable, autonomous platform for in-situ water quality measurements. SWAN’s benefits include:

  • Unattended, autonomous operation
  • Mobility and intelligence
  • Sampling at the right places
  • Persistent presence
  • Cloud-based, real-time data
  • Interactive mission control
  • Minimal logistics
  • Low cost, simple & safe

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