And the winners of our 2 World Class Remote Monitoring Systems are...

  • Janice Wilson from Whitsunday Water

  • Gopi Palayam from Isaac Regional Council

– Janice is the winner of the level monitoring system, incorporating an APG-MNU ultrasonic level probe, coupled with an Ayyeka Wavelet.

– Gopi  is the winner of the water quality monitoring system, incorporating Aqualabo probes for pH,ORP, dissolved oxygen and temperature, coupled with an Ayyeka Wavelet.
Optimos is proud to be associated with companies who offer some of the best technologies and products in their fields.  Two of those companies are Ayyeka Technologies, our supplier of world leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, and Aqualabo, our supplier of a wide range of water quality monitoring devices, known for their reliability, accuracy and ease of use.Together with Ayyeka and Aqualabo,Details of the systems in the promotion are shown here.