Your 2021 Water Supply Obligations Solved From Source to Endpoint

Industry experts discuss the new Drinking Water Supply Operational Compliance Rules and how they will affect your existing systems and Water Safety Plan (WSP). You’ll hear how introducing automation across your WSP audits and ongoing management, plus Critical Control Point Management (CCP) to analyse data, extract information and insights, will be an invaluable asset to Water Quality Managers.

We probe into the new Drinking Water Supply Operation Compliance Rules 2021. Reviewing the requirements of Water Safety Plans (WSP) with the integration of Critical Control Point  (CCP) Management, as planning for drinking-water safety and managing health risks progress to align drinking-water water safety plans more closely with international best practice.

Reporting, Audits and Management – Opportunities for Automation
Development and implementation of your Water Safety Plan with Critical Control Point Management is no trivial task. There are many components to be considered and managed on an ongoing basis, including multiple parameters with complex rules required for in depth assessment of performance.

Automated solutions for CCP and WSP management provides data analysis, audits and reporting for regulators and management – improving efficiencies and management workflows. During the webinar we will discuss automation tools offered by D2K including;

  • QualitEye® – Flexible water quality monitoring hardware solution for any urban water product (Drinking Water, Sewage, Recycled Water, Recreation Water & Network Monitoring)
    With a plug and play scalable design, QualitEye®  allows out-of-the-box remote monitoring at any point in the water supply system. Combine with instantaneous connection to Information Engine™ for outstanding data analysis or pair with your preferred data portal. A truly flexible solution.
  • Information Engine™ (IE) Cloud based software.
    Information Engine™ accepts data inputs from QualitEye® – or any data source – and provides multiple specialised modules including; 

    • CCPWatch™ – for managing CCPs
    • Automated reporting – for the generation of standard and customisable reports
    • AuditWatch™ – for automating and facilitating the WSP auditaudit aing process
    • AlgaeWatch™ – for interpreting complex analytical reports and presenting simplified algal bloom risk status

With predictive algorithms assessing the risk of water quality events, Information Engine™ combined with QualitEye® (or your data source), automates and streamlines your Water Management process.

Whether you manage process on a day-to-day basis or are involved in setting strategic direction for your organisation, there is something for everyone in this Webinar.

CEO’s, Board Members, Councillors,
Gain a broad understanding of the solutions available to enable the complete implementation of  Water Safety Plans and Critical Control Point management – ensuring Water Supply Systems are compliant in 2021.

Executive Management and Team Leaders
Hear how automation can help you and your team easily manage your water quality within your Water Supply System. With scalable and flexible solutions you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your system is working with you, providing all the information required for thorough regulatory reporting.

Operators and Compliance Officers
Complying to a new, updated set of requirements can be a mammoth task. Hear the details of the new Drinking Water Supply Operation Compliance Rules 2021 and how your existing systems could be easily upgraded to provide consistent, accurate reporting utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Neil MacKay
Founder, Director at Optimos Solutions NZ Ltd

Dr Annette Davison
BSc(Hons), MEnvLGovLaw, PhD, GAICD, PMAWA 2021
NSW Water Professional of the Year, Principal Risk Analyst and Founder Risk Edge Pty Ltd and Software R&D Manager and Co-founder, D2K Information.

Mr Daniel Drew
MSc, Dip App Chem
Technical Director and Co-founder, D2K Information and Director and Co-founder, Optimos Solutions NZ

Ms. Sarah Loder
BEng(Mech)(Hons), MComm(MgtAcctg), MIEAust
Product Manager and Senior Process Engineer – D2K Information, Director and Principal, Praktik

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Microbial contamination is arguably the greatest risk in both the water industry and the food and beverage industry.  However, while the physical and chemical aspects of water quality have been monitored on-line for decades, on-line microbial monitoring has never been available.  The time lag introduced by manual sampling and laboratory analysis has meant that process control decisions must be made using surrogate measurements.  Imagine a world where near-real time microbial monitoring was possible and critical control points could be established based on direct microbial monitoring.

In this webinar, we look at how advances in microbial monitoring can help you achieve improved process security, reduce downtime and reduce costs andreputation risk from recalls.

Are you involved in drinking water production and distribution or food and beverage manufacturing? Are you responsible for product quality? Do you want to have more confidence in your monitoring, critical control point security and timely decision-making? Then this webinar is for you.

The webinar will run for 45 minutes and, following a brief introduction by Mr Phil Krasnostein, Director and Principal, Optimos Solutions, will feature important presentations by,

  • Dr Annette Davison, Principal Risk Analyst, Risk Edge/D2K Information: Annette will discuss the multiple barrier approach to water management and timely CCP monitoring and oversight,
  • Mr Martin Stone, Director, HACCP International: Martin will explain the value of having near-real time product quality information and certification,
  • Mr Wolfgang Vogl, Founder and Owner, Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions (VWMS GmbH): Wolfgang will describe the VWMS Coliminder® near-real time microbial water quality monitoring technology, and its application in the beverage industry. He will show how the Coliminder® can both improve microbial risk management and save costs in bottled water and soft drink production and will refer to the recent very successful and ground-breaking installation at Romaqua’s Borsec plant.

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