Enzymatic monitoring of bacteria growth

ColiMinder® Industrial from VWM Solutions is a fully automated system which measures microbiological contamination of liquid samples within 15 minutes. Never has water monitoring and testing for the presence of microbiological activity been faster or more efficient.

The ColiMinder® measures the microbiological contamination through the specific enzymatic activity of target organisms. It takes only 15minutes to get the results, followed by  a 9 minute cleaning cycle.


– 2 sample intakes (more by request)
– Specific on E.coli, Enterococci, Total Bacteria
– Fully automated sampling, measurement, cleaning, calibration
– 15 min from sampling to result
– Up to 84 measurements per day
– Detection limit 0.8 mMFU/100ml
– No contaminated waste
– Fully controllable via the internet (LAN and WIFI)
– Online visualisation and automatic user configurable alerts (Email, SMS)
– Temperature-controlled

ColiMinder® Industrial devices deliver quantitative results. For measuring faecal contamination the devices are calibrated to Modified Fishman Units per 100ml (MFU/100ml) for Beta-D-Glucuronidase activity (GUS), or to DEA Units (U/100ml) for Alkaline Phosphatase activity (ALP).

Features at a glance:

Based on fluorescent measurement of specific enzymatic activity:

  • Total Microbial Activity : Alkaline Phosphatase
  • E.coli : ß-glucuronidase
  • Enterococci : ß-D-glucosidase

Application Fields:

  • Drinking Water
  • Waste Water
  • Industrial Water
  • Surface and Bathing Water
  • Membrane Integrity

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The ColiMinder®