Ayyeka – Rethink Remote Monitoring

The Wavelet is a full-stack hardware, software, and service solution enabling data collection from any sensor, over any communication network, using any server, and integrated into any SCADA or software analytic platform.

The Ayyeka Wavelet simplifies delivering data from remote infrastructure and assets. Creating smart networks with Ayyeka’s hardware-enabled Data-as-a-Service solution is streamlined and secure.

Wavelet Kits are embedded in every layer from the ground up with the most advanced cyber-secure technology, including sensor authentication and data encryption.

Wavelet Kits are sensor-agnostic, utilizing various configurations of sensors and samplers. Easily installed and operating within minutes, Wavelet Kits can be used to build or extend smart networks.

As an integrated, modular, and preconfigured solution that allows for plug-and-play installation and requires minimal maintenance, Wavelet Kits deliver an attractive total cost of ownership.

Ayyeka Wavelet


One instrument connects to multiple sensors :

  • Water Supply
  • Control Valve
  • Reservoir and Tank Level
  • Water Quality
  • Combined Sewage Overflow
  • Odour Detection
  • Discharge
  • Wastewater Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Temperature Profile
  • Groundwater Level
  • Surface water level


  • Tactical edge analytics
  • Ultra-low power
  • Adaptive sampling
  • Cyber-secure
  • Fleet Management
  • Flexibility and versatility
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