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Automated remote physical, chemical and microbiological monitoring

Cyber-secure remote data communication

Specialised water and water treatment technologies


servicing industrial, commercial and municipal clients

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We are a leading solutions provider for the management of water quality throughout the natural and urban water cycles.

Our solutions target improved compliance, reduced risk and cost and improved product quality.

Every Optimos solution is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of our customers. Whether we are providing a single off-the-shelf sensor or a complex, bespoke system, we make sure that we understand your objectives before proposing a solution. 

We offer a complete service, incorporating design, supply, installation, training and servicing. 

Expertise in water chemistry and quality

Extensive experience in water and process management

Mechanical, electrical and automation engineering knowledge

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optimos technologies

We provide a wide range of sensors, analysers, remote data communication systems and engineered monitoring stations.

Market sectors

optimos applications


  • water quality
  • air quality
  • weather
  • solar radiation


  • water sources
  • water and wastewater treatment process
  • drinking water distribution networks
  • sewage and stormwater networks



  • agriculture and aquaculture
  • food and beverage processing
  • mining
  • general manufacturing
  • defence
  • bioprocessing
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • healthcare
  • commercial offices

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We specialise in urban water and wastewater treatment and recycling for municipal, commerical and industry clients.

Since 2012

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Established in 2012, our people and alliance partners have over 20 years of experience in Australian engineering and process industries.