Since establishment in 1980, Custom Sensors & Technology (CST) has provided customers with robust integrated process monitoring equipment and accessories.

CST has many years of experience designing sample handling systems and photometric instruments for industries such as food/beverage, pulp/paper, pharmaceutical/bio-processing, and chemical/petrochemical.

CST is a full-service provider offering application engineering and development, opto-mechanical-chemistry integration design/fabrication, factory acceptance testing, custom installations, customer support, and in-house repair.

Products from CST are tested thoroughly by their engineers and application scientists before shipment and are guaranteed to perform reliably.



PX2 – Photometer

The PX2 Photometer was designed for dynamic sensitivity and ease of use.

The PX2 accommodates a combination of measurement methods, light sources, detectors, and several digital and analog communication options to support numerous single or dual wavelength applications. An indicator LED alerts the user to changes in the unit’s operating status.

The optional software package allows the user to calibrate for their particular samples.

Primary applications for the PX2 and PX2+ include:

  • Chromatography
  • TFF/Crossflow Filtration
  • Depth Filtration
  • Fill & Finish
  • Oil in Water

PX2+ – Photometer

The PX2+ Photometer is designed for use in continuous process monitoring applications in a variety of industries.

The PX2+ is a highly sensitive, easy to use, and compact instrument capable of making absorbance or fluorescence measurements. The PX2+ features a 3.2” capacitive touch LCD that allows users to calibrate and view data. It is designed to alert users when properties of their process stream change and no longer fall within acceptable limits.

The ability to monitor process conditions in real-time allows users to observe small changes before they become much bigger problems.

Primary applications for the PX2 and PX2+ include:

  • Chromatography
  • TFF/Crossflow Filtration
  • Depth Filtration
  • Fill & Finish
  • Oil in Water

Fibre optic probes
– Fluorescence, UV absorbance, Visible absorbance, Near infrared

CST offers a variety of Fibre Optic Probes, including:

  • Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR)
  • Transmission
  • Front Surface Fluorescence

Probes can be manufactured in a variety of materials, path lengths and insertion lengths.

The internal optics may also be customised to achieve the required wavelength range.

Flow Cells – Fibre Optic

CST’s process-ready Fibre Optic Flow Cells facilitate inline measurements of gas or liquid sample streams in demanding industrial environments.

Flow cells are manufactured in a variety of materials with adjustable path lengths ranging from 0.05-500 mm.

Optical interface couplers

Optical Interface Couplers (OICs) are available either separately as stand-alone items in support of photometric analysers for industrial applications, or packaged with a compatible flow cell.

They are designed to send a collimated beam of light through a sample over a broad range of distances. The standard materials of construction are 316 Stainless Steel, fused silica optics, and Viton O-Rings.

Alternative materials are available upon request to achieve varying specifications.

Colorimetric analysers – Narwhal

Uniquely specialized to be the most adept of its kind, this colorimetric analyzer is engineered at the intersection of precision and economy. Every detail has been designed to perfect performance and user experience.

Narwhal is designed to automatically perform colorimetric ion exchange measurements in a process setting. The system first retrieves a known volume of sample from a stream and mixes the sample with known volumes of pre-defined reagents in succession. After each reagent addition, a mixing cycle is performed followed by a variable reaction delay. After the reagent addition process is complete, the final solution is transported to an analysis cell where the concentration of the compound of interest can be determined via an absorbance measurement.

Narwhal is designed to be mounted close to the pipeline which contains the sample of interest. The sample is retrieved from the pipeline via a fast loop.


  • Compact design
  • Compact 42″x9″x8″ design, powder coated Nema 4X enclosure capable of benchtop or wall mounting.
  • 7″ intuitive touch screen display
  • 7″ intuitive touch screen display with easy-to-use software allows users to calibrate and view data.
  • Removable grab sampling bottle
  • Removable grab sampling bottle provides fast results of remote samples and simple instrument verification.
  • High precision photometer
  • High precision photometer with long life LED light source capable of absorbance measurements up to 3AU with +/- 1% FS accuracy
  • Simple process connection
  • Simple process connection with integrated fast loop, optionally provided without fast loops for pond measurements
  • Unique fluid handling system
  • Unique fluid handling system utilizing a single valve and high accuracy syringe pump for ease of maintenance and high-precision measurements. The valve design permits up to 4 measurement locations to be performed sequentially with a single analyzer
  • Low reagent usage
  • Low reagent usage most applications require less than .4mL of reagent measurement