Wouldn’t it be great if?

Understanding what is happening in water bodies, such as rivers and dams, presents several challenges.  They are often remote, large, with complex layouts and not readily accessible.  Yet, it is important to monitor water quality, measure temperature and depth, and inspect the banks for damage.  Sending people in vehicles and boats is expensive and presents […]

Q: What does the Viennese waltz have to do with water quality?

A: Everything Seibold Wasser, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, has developed a unique family of water quality analysers, known as “COMPOSER”. The COMPOSER analysers are automated, online metals analysers. They are based on the colorimetric method, using proprietary non-toxic reagents, and can be easily converted from measuring one metal to measuring a different metal. There are […]

Optimos Solutions and EcoDetection Announce a Collaboration in Real Time Monitoring

EcoDetection, an Australian company based in Melbourne, has developed a unique and powerful technology for near real time monitoring of a wide range of dissolved anions and cations, to low ppb levels. Currently capable of measuring anions including nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, sulphate, fluoride, chlorate and more – and cations including ammonium, potassium and sodium with […]