Who We Are

Based in Melbourne, Australia and Mana, New Zealand, Optimos Solutions was founded by Phil Krasnostein who has over 40 years’ experience in engineering and process industries, including several years in the highly regulated Australian urban water recycling sector.

We are assembling a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions aimed at helping to improve water security. We aim to provide the highest level of support to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers. In addition to outstanding products and services, our people and alliance partners bring vast experience and domain knowledge right across the entire water cycle.

How We Work

For the last eight years, Optimos been building a portfolio of leading technologies, primarily focused on on-line, remote monitoring of water quality and associated parameters.


Our technologies are widely applicable and versatile; however every application is different. In some applications, these technologies are stand-alone solutions, while in other applications they will form part of the solution in conjunction with other selected technologies.


We work with our customers to ensure that we understand and fully define their requirements, and to configure the solution specifically for their needs. Optimos Solutions then manages the supply, installation, commissioning and handover of the system, and at the customer’s request, provides training.


While continuing to expand our technology portfolio, Optimos has also been developing a strong services capability.  We now offer several complementary and value-adding services in the following areas:


  • Process and product management using the proven principles of cleaner production to monitoring, measurement, assessment and continuous improvement
  • D2K Information’s advanced water quality intelligence software, Information Engine™, enabling improved management decisions
    • Data visualization and analytics
    • Real time critical control point management
    • Prediction of water quality events
    • Automated water quality management system auditing
  • Selection of parameters to monitor, and the optimal location and frequency of monitoring. Design of bespoke monitoring applications
  • Assisting in the  assessment of fit-for-purpose technologies
  • Installation service and maintenance provided by our team of selected service partners.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of advanced solutions for improved water security. We will provide the highest level of support to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

The Team

Neil Mackay

Neil is an experienced CE and director of a wide range of new technology and infrastructure businesses. He has held senior roles in the public and private sectors including CE of Industry NZ (government economic development agency) and the Chair of Electra Ltd (Energy Company). He is the NZ manager of Optimos Solutions NZ Ltd.

Phil Krasnostein

Phil is the founder and principal of Optimos Solutions. He is a chemical engineer with more than 40 years of technical and management experience in a range of process and engineering based industries. Phil is also a founder and director of D2K Information Pty Ltd.

Daniel Drew

Daniel is an analytical chemist with more than 40 years experience in the industry. Daniel has been the founder of several successful analytical and environmental consulting businesses in Australia. He is the principal of Global Environment Corporation and a founder and director of D2K Information Pty Ltd.

Annette Davison

Annette is a microbiologist and paralegal with over 25 years experience in the water, environment and biotechnology industries. Annette founded and is a principal of risk management company, Risk Edge™ Pty Ltd, she is also a founder and director of D2K Information Pty Ltd. Annette is a member of the WaterRA Special Advisory Committee and a member of OneWater Advocates.